PARTNER TEMPS Sp. z o. o., sp. k. guarantees professional service to both job-seekers and employers, supported by experience in the labour market, both in Poland and abroad.

Our offer is fully matched to the needs of the market as well as legal and organisational requirements. We cooperate with governmental institutions of the relevant countries, thus reducing any risk and guaranteeing profitable employment to both Polish and foreign citizens. 

In the recruitment process, we follow well-tested procedures. We employ experts and skilled professionals and we use the latest scientific research findings and technologies. Our Agency implements good business practices based on the acquired knowledge, cooperation and trust, with the observance of the applicable Polish and international laws. 

The personal data of candidates, collected during the recruitment process, are subject to full personal data protection. 

Our experience, flexible cooperation model, services tailored to individual needs of Clients and current market demands make us a valued business partner guaranteeing top quality service.