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Scope of provided services

Partner Temps offers services in the scope of: HR and payroll administration, legalization of foreign employees’ employment, assistance in company establishment, preparation of corrections for reporting and settlement documents for ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)

Salary calculation

As part of the comprehensive payroll calculation service, Partner Temps offers:

  1.  Monthly payroll calculation in full compliance with applicable legal regulations and client’s internal policies;
  2.  Preparation of documentation and settlements for ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), GUS (Central Statistical Office), US (Tax Office), PFRON (National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund);
  3.  Time and attendance tracking and management;
  4.  Preparation of ZUS RMUA (Social Insurance Institution reporting) reports;
  5.  Execution of transfers to employees’ accounts and documentation thereof;
  6.  Preparation of annual tax declarations and settlements such as PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-4R;
  7.  Issuance of A1 certificates;
  8.  Management of the Company Social Benefits Fund;
  9.  Reporting according to client’s requirements.

Personnel administration

As part of comprehensive personnel administration services, Partner Temps offers:

  1.  Maintenance of employees’ personal data records;
  2.  Management and updating of employees’ personal files;
  3.  Handling personnel documentation, including preparing paperwork related to hiring and termination of employees, employment contracts, contract terminations, agreements, employment certificates; drafting civil law agreements; maintaining occupational health and safety documentation (periodic medical examinations and OHS training);
  4.  Archiving documentation of former employees;
  5.  Time and attendance tracking;
  6.  Preparation of required declarations and documents for ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), US (Tax Office), GUS (Central Statistical Office), etc.;
  7.  Personnel advisory services for employees;
  8.  Preparation of documents and certificates for employees;
  9.  Handling inspections by ZUS, US, PIP (State Labour Inspectorate), and other relevant authorities.

Personnel administration

Additionally, as part of personnel administration service, Partner Temps also offers:

  1.  Preparation of agreements accompanying employment contracts, such as non-compete agreements, agreements on material responsibility for entrusted property, loan agreements with the Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS), etc.
  2.  Preparation of documents necessary for calculating initial capital (Rp-7).
  3.  Organizing occupational health and safety training for employees and employers.
  4.  Administration of the Company Social Benefits Fund.

Additional services

ZUS Corrections: Partner Temps provides a service involving making corrections to ZUS documents, both in settlement and reporting forms.

Our offer in this scope includes:

  1.  Preparation of corrections to ZUS reporting declarations based on WDR documents or inaccuracies identified by the Client.
  2.  Preparation of corrections to ZUS settlement declarations based on WDR documents or inaccuracies identified by the Client.
  3.  Preparation of corrections based on separate post-audit decisions.
  4.  Preparation of corrections to documentation based on ZUS decisions on the need to refund overpaid contributions exceeding 30 times the minimum wage and settlement of the due refund for the employee and the contributor of contributions.

Foreign Employee Management

Our offer in this scope includes:

  1.  Determining the form of legalizing the stay and employment of a foreigner.
  2.  Submitting an application for obtaining a work permit and other required documents and fees according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy regarding the procedure and conditions for issuing work permits to foreigners.
  3.  Obtaining a promise of a work permit.
  4.  Obtaining a work permit.
  5.  Obtaining a temporary residence permit for family members.

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