• Auto parts warehouse worker

    5000-6000 zł netto

    Sosnowiec (Katowice)

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  • Job description

    Scope of duties

    Montaż i odbiór części samochodowych
    Praca ze skanerem


    10 - 12 godzin dziennie pracy (dzień-noc)
    200-250 godzin miesięcznie


    Working in the logistics centers of the largest Polish supplier of auto parts and automotive products, Inter Cars, is an opportunity primarily for young and dynamic people interested in learning to work as an order picker. Inter Cars warehouses are located in different regions of Poland and are characterized by a high degree of automation of the processes of collecting and shipping orders to consumers. We present to you a vacancy at the Inter Cars warehouse in Sosnowiec, which is part of the largest industrial region in Poland, Upper Silesia. Work at the warehouse is organized in three shifts, which allows uninterrupted shipment of orders to consumers. To ensure the quality of work with such an intensive schedule, the company has organized a special training system for new employees, which consists of gradual familiarization with various warehouse processes and working with a scanner - the main tool that allows you to quickly find the necessary goods and localization in the warehouse. Representatives from dozens of countries from all over the world work at the warehouse; to organize their work, documentation has been developed not only in Polish, but also in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Shift and crew managers are also multilingual and provide new employees with the support they need. Our company provides employees with accommodation in comfortable conditions within walking distance from the warehouse, which allows them to reduce travel time to work and have more free time. After a training period, which takes from several days to several weeks, the employee can independently carry out all work processes and begin to work for results - in addition to the guaranteed base rate, the remuneration system provides for receiving a bonus for the qualitative and quantitative results of work.

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    odzież i obuwie
    szkolenie BHP i badania lekarskie


    opłata tylko za media 300 zł


    23,50 zł/godzina brutto + premia (2000 zł)
    plus dopłata 2,50 netto za własne zakwaterowanie