Are you looking for employees? see how we can help you

What will you gain by cooperating with us?

We will conduct recruitment according to your needs, reducing costs. With our years of experience and specialist knowledge, along with the use of the latest technologies, we will show you that your recruitment process doesn’t have to be complicated, lengthy, or costly.

Reliable Employees

You will gain professional talent acquisition and access to a database of over 1500 candidates ready for long-term cooperation both domestically and internationally.


You will save time and resources in the HR department. Gain the ability to quickly recruit employees both domestically and internationally, remotely and directly.

Flexible Cooperation

We will tailor the offer and scope of activities to your needs. We carry out orders within the country and Europe, specializing in providing unskilled workers.

Expert Collaboration

You will gain access to our knowledge base and experts we collaborate with. We have representations in Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, India, Nepal, and Taiwan.

Our Offer

We operate and have representations in Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, India, Nepal, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

HR Outsourcing

We will conduct HR activities in recruitment, both continuous and targeted/periodic.

Payroll and Personnel Outsourcing

We will handle payroll and personnel department activities.


We will legalize the employment of workers (declarations, permits, residence cards)

Legal Support


We conduct training on adjustments and changing conditions in the labor market

Assistance for Foreigners

We provide assistance in other aspects of daily life for foreign workers, e.g., adaptation, accommodation, obtaining tax identification and PESEL numbers, residence cards, citizenship, bank accounts