• Chicken production worker

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  • Job description

    Scope of duties

    cutting and deboning chicken
    cleaning meat
    cutting wings
    hanging live bait
    packaging products


    240 hours per month, 12-hour day shifts


    We invite you to join the team of our workers at the Drobimex factory - one of the largest Polish enterprises producing poultry products! The history of Drobimex goes back more than 70 years, products are supplied to the domestic market and for export. This is possible thanks to the highest standards and new technologies used in production, as well as a favorable working atmosphere and a well-coordinated team of workers from different countries who work at the enterprise from several months to several years. What is the secret of Drobimex's attractiveness to employees? First of all, this is a detailed training system for new employees, equal treatment and tolerance towards representatives of different countries and cultures. Work here is available to almost every candidate who meets the minimum medical requirements and is willing to comply with internal labor regulations. The workflow may pleasantly surprise many familiar with the meat processing industry. Due to the high degree of automation, complex and unpleasant operations are minimized or eliminated - poultry cutting occurs automatically, workers monitor the quality of automatic processes and perform the final operations of cleaning and packaging products. The big advantage of working at the factory is multilingualism - management processes and documentation are translated into Ukrainian, Russian, and English. This allows you to start working even without knowing the Polish language, which is often an insurmountable barrier for foreigners arriving in Poland. Our company, in turn, provides employees with attractive living conditions in houses and apartments, with access to city infrastructure and convenient travel to work. The company coordinator accompanies employees from the first day of work, helps in solving formalities related to legalization and in everyday matters. If you are still wondering whether it is worth coming to work in Poland and whether you can find safe employment here with clear, uncomplicated working conditions, then this vacancy will undoubtedly suit you.

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